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Irrespective of your purpose we provide loans that are affordable.

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Easy Loans for Tough Unemployed Situations

Loans for unemployed are the kind of personal loans provided explicitly to individuals with no full-time employment. Lenders arrange the lending terms and conditions as such that would suit their repayment capacity. As far as repayment is concerned, borrowers have the option of using their part-time income.

Why Loans Are Important As I Already Have Benefits?

Availing loans give you the much-needed backup to cope up with the unexpected expenses. You may have government benefits, but they cannot assist you all the time. Some other unemployed loan benefits are:

  • You can use the benefits to repay the loan, as direct lenders are open to accepting them
  • You can make use of government benefits for regular financial activities and keep loans for others
  • Loans can provide you instant financial relief with fewer numbers of obligations these days

Can Unemployed Eligible for Home Credit Service?

Yes, of course. LoanStore favours all the unemployed people in the UK with doorstep lending services.

  • You need to approach us via email
  • We will send our representative to your home
  • Discuss your priorities with him and complete the process

Remember, you will be handed over the needed cash (that you have mentioned in your email) on the spot.

Unemployment is the biggest curse that dismantles all the balance of your financial life. Mega Loan Store, a FinTech lender in the UK, offers the personalised deals in small loans for unemployed people.

You must be wondering why a lender will lend money when you are out of work? Of course, it does not mean that you will get money when you have zero income. You can take out unemployed loans if you prove your repayment capacity by showing any other income source such as a part-time job or freelancing.

Being unemployed is very tough to live, and we understand all the compulsions that you are facing now. It is the reason why we have framed the bespoke deals on the emergency cash loans for unemployed, which one can avail on easy terms and conditions. Do not hesitate to familiarise us with all your problems, and we vow to solve them by keeping your interests on priority. These are the features that enough to attract your finances:

  • Simple application
  • Instant approval
  • Quick transfer of funds

Not all lenders approve Payday loans for the unemployed, but we understand that you can come up an emergency even if you are out of work. At Mega Loan Store, we have been working for the financial benefits of the jobless Britons and for the problem of unemployment for quite long, and this has given us the edge on these types of loans.

We understand the tough conditions in the post unemployment scenarios. The sole purpose behind offering short-term finance for jobless people is to ensure enriching lives and greater financial freedom for them.

Don’t Depend On Others, Apply for Bad Credit Guaranteed Loans Directly

Unemployment does not only affect you financially, but it also devalues your financial status. As everyone knows that applying for the loans does require a guarantor to co-sign the loan agreement, who can guarantee on-time repayment on behalf of the primary borrower. When unemployed struggles to find out the guarantor, then it becomes a lot tougher for them to get approval for the loans. Mega Loan Store is indeed a different place to apply for the loans.

Apply here the loans for unemployed with bad credit no guarantor and see the difference in the lending policies. We are the modern age lender and always committed to offer the best financial assistance in the best financial way. You do not have to rely on others; instead, apply directly for the loans and receive instant loan approval.

The exemption of no guarantor is also applicable for the unemployed people with bad credit score. They too face the tricky situation because no one wants to believe those, who have lost the job and also struggling with poor credit situation. But we definitely trust their financial capacity and allow loans without guarantor unemployed claim.

No More Compulsions until Finding a New Job, Unsecured Loans will Help for Unemployed

If you are serious about making your unemployment easy, Mega Loan Store will give you the smart and flexible lending offers right away. These Instant cash loans will provide you a financial help, which is enough to ensure the days free of any monetary constraints.

We offer the following loan benefits where the borrowers:

  • Have funds disbursed into their accounts to meet the burgeoning financial needs.
  • Have the loan approval coming along your way.
  • Not have to pay the upfront fee.
  • Have the loans on low interest rates.
  • Have the loan approved over the phone too.
  • No hidden surprises
  • Same-day funds transfer
  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

Practical Lending with Full of Purposes

Mega Loan Store works on practical and indeed the most effective lending procedures, keeping the financial issues related to the unemployment on the ebb.

Our bespoke loan deals will make a realistic difference in your life, as they include exemptions like no guarantor, no credit check and no documentation. As a follower of FinTech lending, we assure equal funding opportunities for unemployed people with bad credit.

Get quick offers on reasonable borrowing rates. These offers are exciting and work to your purpose. Discuss the options with the representatives of Mega Loan Store and we vow that you are going to receive much-needed financial outcomes.


What are unemployment loans?

Unemployed loans fall into the category of personal loans, which are specifically offered to the individuals with no regular income. Here, one thing that needs to be considered is that this category of loans only involves those with no fixed monthly income. It means borrowers have the chance of convince the lenders with their side income sources like receiving rent or freelancing. The loans for unemployed people are usually unsecured and nowadays, those having poor credit scores can also qualify for these funding sources.

Can I get a loan while unemployed?

Yes! You can get a loan while being unemployed. There are many online lenders in the UK like Mega Loan Store who provides loan to jobless people. There are many requirements of a person which can be unattented if one is unemployed. And it becomes difficult to meet the financial need at times. Hence, in this phase of job search and stress, a loan can be helpful.

How can I get an unemployed loan?

You can an unemployed loan from any direct lenders like Mega Loan Store. You just need to search online for this type of service and apply for a suitable loan option. In today's job market, nothing is secured. Anybody can loose their job and become jobless due to various reasons. And in the absence of a regular income, it becomes hard to manage the life. So in this situation a loan can be of immense help.

Can I borrow money if I am unemployed?

Of course yes, you have every chance of borrowing even if you are not having any full time job. Yes, full time job because most of the direct lenders in the UK considered those individuals as jobless, who do not work full time in a company. It means if borrowers are earning through part-time income or through freelancing, they can easily convince lenders about the on-time repayments and gain guaranteed approval on their loan applications. However, it would be better if you approach direct lenders for this because of their flexible lending policies.

Are there any loans for the unemployed?

The UK marketplace has plenty of options available especially for the unemployed people. The main thing for the lenders is the repayments that they want from the borrowers. Not just the short term loans but also the long term loans available for jobless people. Some other loan options may be

  • Payday loans
  • Poor credit loans
  • No guarantor loans
  • Emergency cash loans

However, requesting for short term loans would be more suitable for the unemployed because they can easily repay them through their part time income.

How do I get a loan if unemployed?

With no regular income source, getting loans can be tough, but the online lending has created fresh and fruitful opportunities for jobless individuals. The direct lenders seem more interested to fund the unemployed through their flexible approach.

To get the unemployed loan, you have to follow these following steps:

  • Research online for the lenders
  • Compare their interest rates
  • Once decided, apply online
  • Complete the formalities and get your loan approved

The procedure will remain the same no matter you are applying for the small amount or large funds.

Can an unemployed person qualify for a loan?

Yes of course. We all are living in the modern-day world where everything is possible for everyone. Your unemployment does not make any difference whenever you apply for the loans. However, what matters is where you are going to apply? In order to prevent the hectic schedule of mainstream lenders, approaching the private lenders in UK is better option. They have the provision of instant loans for unemployed people, which are available online and including following benefits:

  • Competitive APRs
  • Repayments are easy to follow
  • 100% online application and fund disbursal
  • Minimum obligations involved for small amount
How can I get an unemployed loan with no guarantor?

It has now become easier these days thanks to the growing sphere of online lending. The lenders belong to this are ready to disburse unemployed loan with no guarantor required at all. However, they still have three expectations from the borrowers. These are:

  • Only small amount is requested to borrow
  • Borrowers must have part-time income to ensure the repayments
  • They have to ensure lender that they must clear an interview within a time frame

Fulfillment of either these conditions allow you an easy approval on the unemployed loans.

Can I get loans for unemployed with bad credit?

Yes, you can get loans for unemployed with bad credit if you are knocking the door at the right lender. Getting financial assistance from a lender becomes really difficult when you don’t have a job. And, the bad credit tag makes the situation worse as there are few factors left that the lender can account to analyse your repayment capacity. Still, the lender who can approve the loan will like to know whether you are earning any side income or not.

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